Azure AI puts artificial intelligence and machine learning at the fingertips of every developer. Looking to build ML models? Choose your preferred method to do so, whether you prefer a code-first experience, automated ML, or visual tools that simplify ML for any experience level. Looking to add pre-built models to your apps? Give your app the abilities of computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), speech, and decision-making with simple API calls.


We've got your back. Our machine learning quickstarts and sample code will help you start building. Need datasets? Azure Open Datasets offers curated, ML-ready open data including featured datasets like weather, city safety, satellite imagery, socioeconomic data and more. You can also visit this ML resources page for more guidance on getting started.

Additionally, you can visit our AI developer resource page for guidance on getting started with Cognitive Services- whether you’re looking to solve for optical character recognition (OCR), detect objects in images, transcribe audio, understand or process natural language, make personalized recommendations, or even add read-aloud text-to-speech capabilities to build inclusive applications.


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