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over 1 year ago

Submit your project by 16th May 5pm SGT

A bit more than 24h left to submit your hackathon solutions!!

Important to note:

  1. Submissions closes on 16th May 5pm SGT 
  2. If submission is partial > still submit, just indicate which parts are not implemented
  3. Make sure to clearly state which problem statement are you submitting for in the title of the project
  4. It's enough if you just showcase your project, you do not have to send a working powerapps project etc. 
  5. Projects can be submitted at any time before the submission deadline. When you are ready to submit your project, you can do so on our Devpost here:

Please watch recordings of the seminars for further reference where all your questions are answered :)

  1. Submission Support Session on May 14th
  2. Presentation and Pitching Skills Program on May 10th
  3. Technical Mentoring by Dr. Cher Han Lau on May 5th
  4. Technical Mentoring by Renganathan Palanisamy on April 20th
  5. HCL Problem Statement Session
  6. Accenture Problem Statement Session
  7. CIMB Problem Statement Session
  8. Just Analytics Statement Session
  9. General Problem Statement Session
  10. GBDi Problem Statement Session
  11. Info Session on April 5th

June 1st Hybrid Demo Day of Code; Without Barriers Hackathon 10am-12pm - Networking event, Career Day and Award Ceremony for the Code; Without Barriers program. Best problem statement solution candidates will be invited to an exclusive Microsoft event that will be held in person at Microsoft Malaysia office and livestreamed for attendees to join from accross APAC - rsvp by clicking here 

If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forumdiscord channel or feel free to email if you have any questions